The Art Museum Insider empowers everyone to become independent, confident art viewers by teaching them to think like art historians.

Unlike other online art resources, which generally focus solely on facts, my programs teach skills you can use to interpret art, museums, and exhibitions for yourself. You'll learn to approach art with confidence without expert knowledge, memorization, or years of intense study.

Students with all levels of art experience will benefit from this approach, which encourages looking closely, engaging with the art, thinking for yourself, and feeling confident in your conclusions.

About Me

I'm Alexandra Kiely (aka A Scholarly Skater), an art historian based in the United States. I love art and wholeheartedly believe in its ability to enrich every person's life, no matter their background.

What I don't love is how often people feel excluded from enjoying art because it seems too opaque and snobby for them. So I've made it my mission to change that.

When I'm not looking at, reading about, or writing about art, I'm probably ice dancing, reading, or doing puzzles.

"I’ve followed [Alexandra Kiely's] blog for years now, and I can tell you, she knows what she’s talking about."

- Longtime reader Belinda O.

"I love the way that you wear your knowledge lightly, and emphasize the accessibility (and relevance) of art to everyone."

- Art books editor and Art Herstory founder Erika Gaffney