Nice to meet you!

I'm Alexandra Kiely, the owner of The Art Museum Insider online courses. I am an art historian based in the northeastern United States; I run the blog A Scholarly Skater and am a regular contributor to online art history publications such as DailyArt Magazine and The Collector.

Although I love wandering down the dark and dusty corners of art history to solve its many fascinating mysteries, it really bothers me how insular and exclusive the discipline can be. I wholeheartedly believe in visual art's ability to enrich everybody's life, which is why it bothers me so much that people feel excluded from it. My articles and courses are designed to correct that.

My favorite artists are Frederic Edwin Church and John Singer Sargent. My favorite building is the cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris. My favorite periods of art history are 19th-century American painting and medieval European art and architecture. Visit my blog to read more about these topics and many others related to historical art and architecture.

When I'm not looking at, reading about, writing about, or teaching art, you can find me ice dancing or reading.