Do you feel overwhelmed and intimidated in an art museum? Have you had a bad museum experience in the past?

Visiting an art museum is a rewarding opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of beautiful and fascinating visual arts. However, it can be an unsettling prospect for many viewers. Fortunately, planning ahead, knowing what to expect, and following simple suggestions can have you feeling like a pro in no time.

As an art historian, I've visited countless art museums and galleries. I've had some great times, some not-so-great ones, and everything in between. From planning your trip to avoiding burnout to deciding whether to take a guided tour, I'll give you my top tips about how to have the best possible experience on your own museum visits.

Please note: This is not an art history or art appreciation course. If you want to learn how to understand and interpret art, check out my other course, Art Appreciation for Beginners (see below).

Art Appreciation Activities for All Ages

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